Pain points of market

Conversion of sales mode

The Internet era is constantly changing and calling for effective tools to adapt to new sales mode, thus connecting more new clients;

Low sales efficiency

A lot of time required to prepare solutions for client’s questions and doubts; lack of effective tool support;

Tedious document management

Documents of early sales and subsequent management need to be collected and followed up, which is tedious and wastes time;

Complicated team management

Sales team and framework require a lot of time to build, and the performance evaluation and commission payment are more complicated, which is easy to cause disputes;

Our solutions

Professional sales servicesProfessional sales services

Real-time quotation and product comparison; automatic generation of professional business card; connection to population communication tools for convenient sharing and communication;

Improved efficiencyImproved efficiency

Automatic reservation of sales; management of sales documents and client management, able for your quick check and update at any time and place;

Intelligent sales managementIntelligent sales management

A clear view of sales data of the team; intelligent contract guaranteeing automatic performance evaluation and commission payment, punctual release of bills and quick view;


Reminder of due premium, warm greetings to clients on their birthdays, analysis of clients and sales information help you stay closer to clients and distinguish yourself.